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(Audio replay from 3-8-2020): Rockford's Nation of Islam Student Minister, Yahcolyah Muhammad, speaks on the subject of "This Man Jesus," in which he explains and describes the identity of both the historical and prophetic Jesus as told from both the Bible and Holy Qur'an as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Brother Yahcolyah explains the time, what must be done, and America's role in fulfillment of 'Mystery Babylon the Great' and how the 400 year enslavement of Black people bears witness to Genesis 15:13-15. 


"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." (Proverbs 4:7). 

"He grants wisdom to whom He pleases. And whoever is granted wisdom, he indeed is given a great good. And none mind but men of understanding." 
(Holy Qur'an 2:269).

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From The Final Call Newspaper

The Criterion: Minister Farrakhan offers light, life to a world facing darkness and death


CHICAGO—In the Bible, Jesus prays in the garden of Gethsemane as the fateful, final hours in his life approach. He accepts his fate, placing his life and what is to come in the hands of his Father, obedient to the will of his Father, whatever the consequences.

In a time of world crisis and widespread scoffing at religious obedience, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, resplendent in a white robe and fez embroidered with gold threads and bedecked with small gems, stepped into a beautiful garden to deliver a message of warning, guidance and instruction.

As an opening to his July 4 message, “The Criterion,” video cameras captured the splendor of the garden, moving through the gates of his home, bypassing flowers, and the glory of nature to a place set for the delivery of the word of God, reflection and wisdom in a deadly and worrisome hour.

Audience listens to July 4 message by Min. Farrakhan in which he addressed the world and issued guidance and warning regarding the current state of affairs including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Serenity and peace emanated from this man as he offered the earth’s inhabitants fearing the Covid-19 pandemic answers and a way out of suffering. It is connected to seeking and embracing the mercy of God. It requires such repentance as seen in the ancient city Nineveh after the Prophet Jonah delivered a message to its ruler, who heeded prophetic guidance. Nineveh was given 300 years of grace after the king accepted a divine word.

In a near three-hour message, the Minister spoke to the U.S. president, global political and religious leaders, the world community and Black people in America and Africa.

The deadly coronavirus is a God-sent pestilence and neither America, China nor others will escape its grip, he warned from the garden.

“I want to tell you up front, you will not conquer this virus. You don’t know this virus, it mutates and goes into different directions with a different strain of itself,” he said.

If you had created the virus, you would know how to handle it, but the widespread death is beyond your power and reach, the Minister told President Donald Trump, world leaders and those who wish to purge the planet of “useless eaters,” a reference to a 1970s global population reduction goals expressed by then U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

You have planned death for others and now God is unleashing death on you, Min. Farrakhan said.

The Minister spoke on the 90th anniversary of the birth of the Nation of Islam in America. He referred often to the founders of the Nation, the Great Mahdi Master Fard Muhammad, who taught and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who fulfills the prophecy of the Christ. Master Fard Muhammad fulfills the prophecy of the powerful, self-guided one in Islamic theology and was an unseen influence throughout my life, while the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was my teacher, said Min. Farrakhan.

These two powerful men, Master Fard Muhammad and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, back me in my mission to set down tyrants, unmask Satan fully and warn the world of divine judgement, he said.

Master Fard Muhammad made His appearance known in North America July 4, 1930 to declare independence for ex-slaves suffering under the boot of merciless tormentors. “We don’t have to celebrate the firecrackers, foolishness and founders of this republic,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Great White men” founded the country, but their hearts could not make the Declaration of Independence truly real, he said.

The six White nations that represent America never represented all people, nor women, the Minister added.

The United States was not created for her slaves, who were codified as three-fifths of a human being in the Constitution, he continued.

From its inception, this country was made for privileged White people and is part of worldwide White domination of Black and indigenous people allowed by God Himself, he said.

That time is up and those who are lost to the coronavirus, like the late Nation of Islam regional Student Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad, are martyrs and helping to bring in a new world, he said. The painful death of Min. Hafeez Muhammad, who was also over the mosque in New York and the Eastern region of the NOI, led the Minister to seek answers from God. The result was a special message on the day America celebrates its birth, and the day God Himself came to seek and save Black people.

“Those who die in the way of Allah, the Qur’an says don’t speak of them as dead, they are alive because their death was in the cause of God. … I see my brother as a martyr. I see all of those who have died in this corona-violence to us as martyrs,” said Min. Farrakhan. Prophet Muhammad of Arabia, he said, called those who die during epidemics martyrs and the designation is fitting today.

Times are uneasy and the earth is carrying a burden, the Minister explained.

“The earth is burdened by the wicked living on a planet that was made for the righteous. And so, the burden is now being shaken. The burden feels something coming because they are being overthrown. You can’t live in a world made by God on the basis of truth and live your life on the basis of a lie,” he said.

“This virus is a pestilence from heaven, so scholarship from hell can’t deal with a pestilence that came from heaven,” the Minister said.

World leaders, Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Trump, should go into their closets and recount their sins, said the Minister. Call your people together and ask them to go into their chambers and ask repentance for their sins, which have reached to heaven, the Minister told the leaders of two of the most powerful nations on earth.

Mr. Trump needs to try to make America safe because of all her evil but it looks like God will have to knock him down because of arrogance and false pride, he said.

Try to keep the U.S. out of war and out of God’s judgement, the Minister advised President Trump.

“You would be wise to put on a mask. It would be the greatest irony that you would die in office from coronavirus. I’m not wishing that on you. But if I did you would have to worry,” said Min. Farrakhan.

China is mistreating the Uighur Muslims, but you can’t be a tyrant and win today, he said. He warned President Xi, saying he may be president for life, but God determines how long one lives.

Rome, Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem, centers for world religions, are shut down, Min. Farrakhan noted.

Mecca is the greatest city in the world to me, he said. But the beautiful city is desolate, and Mecca must be warned, the Minister added. Hate stands in the place where love for God, your fellow Muslims and others should be seen, with weapons purchased from the U.S. used against your Muslim brothers, he said.

“Mecca, you must repent,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan must also be warned, he said.

Pope Francis seems to want to do good, but the Catholic Church has done much evil, he said. During confession priests hear sins, but priests, presidents, rulers and kings need to confess, the Minister said.

Don’t try to appease Black people by taking down false images of a White Jesus because you were a part of White supremacy, and taking down White Jesus means nothing unless you can tell the truth about the Black Jesus, he said.

But, “you haven’t seen the worst of this yet,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Smooth words, founding hypocrisy

Despite words written by Thomas Jefferson about the equality of men, America has never been equal and the “dog whistle in President Trump’s cry, make America great again under it is make America White again,” said Min. Farrakhan.

White nationalists and those of that ilk are flocking to the president, he noted.

Are you a hypocrite, America? the Minister asked. You cannot pacify Black people with a “smooth crooked tongue,” false promises and fake citizenship, he said.

Either America means what she says to Blacks or it’s a covenant with death that will be annulled and an agreement with death that will be destroyed, said the Minister.

The Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad, came to make Black people move on the Will of God and the Qur’an describes us as the best nation because we forbid evil and promote good, he said.

In the past 43 years, and over 20 years before that, I have never shed blood to occupy the place I am in today, Minister Farrakhan added.

“You can say I’m a hater but you can’t prove it. You can say I’m a bigot but you can’t prove it,” he said. You can’t say I hate LGTBQ-plus because I come from a God who came with the power to save, Min. Farrakhan said.

Covid-19 pandemic explained

Mr. Trump was looking forward to easy reelection with a booming stock market, but suddenly Covid-19 struck.

Overnight countries were shutdown, the Minister observed.

“Mr. Trump, and all your scientists, why don’t you put on your mask and sit down for a minute while one of the ex-slaves whom God has awakened gives you guidance on what you seek,” Minister Farrakhan said.

“It (Covid-19) didn’t come from Wuhan, it did not come from Ft. Detrick in Maryland. If you had made it, you would know how to handle what you made,” the Minister explained. “But you don’t know this virus. It’s new, it’s different. … You’re running to try to get a vaccine like you are really interested in saving the world from this virus.”

The Minister cited the biblical verses, Isiah 26: 20-21. “Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast,” reads verse 20.

“Shelter in place, hide yourself,” said the Minister, describing how the Islamic month of Ramadan, observed in April through May, kept Muslims at home and allowed for more focus on the Creator and Quranic readings.

God is coming out to punish the inhabitants of the entire earth for their iniquity—willfully sinning, committing sin without conscience, Min. Farrakhan explained.

“Our behavior is a pestilence on earth so God answers with a pestilence,” said the Minister.

The punishment includes loss, lost jobs, lost friends, lost loved ones and lost love in households, Minister Farrakhan said.

Mr. Trump called for a liberation from the virus by not wearing masks, ending social distancing and opening society, but as soon as Americans tried to reopen society, the coronavirus and death showed up.

“You want it to end, Mr. Trump, so you can go back to what was. But I’m here to tell you sir, you will never see what was again. That is over,” said the Minister. “We are under the judgement of God.”

Min. Farrakhan warned African leaders and African people not to blindly accept Covid-19 cures from Caucasian people.

The history of White people shows they cannot be trusted, he said. Blacks and non-Whites have been subjected to medical experimentation from Whites, including gynecological techniques on slaves, smallpox in blankets to the Native Americans, a contaminated polio vaccine, and the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment, in which the U.S. Public Health Service purposely left syphilis untreated in Black men. The U.S. Public Health Service and Guatemalan government also infected and studied Guatemalan prisoners and mental patients with syphilis in the 1940s.

During the colonial era and afterward, there have been experiments in Africa whether through uninformed consent or forced procedures. In the 1990s, there were complaints as the U.S. sought treatments or cures for AIDS and meningitis. Nearly 20,000 HIV-positive women in Zimbabwe were not informed about trials for development of the AIDS drug AZT. Pfizer lost several informed consent lawsuits after testing 200 children in Kano, Nigeria with an experimental drug to treat bacterial meningitis. Millions were paid to the Kano government and other payments made to four parents who lost children. South Africa tested different ways to kill Blacks under apartheid. Some believe AIDS is connected to oral polio vaccine research in the Congo, though other scientists insist it’s untrue. In the 1970s, the female contraceptive Depo-Provera was clinically tested on Black women in Zimbabwe. In the late 1800s to 1910s, Namibia, then known as German South-West Africa, saw doctors conduct forced sterilization on native Herero women and mixed race children.

In a 2017 study, Wemos, a Dutch group, outlined problems with clinical trials in Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The “global pharmaceutical industry has increasingly been conducting clinical trials in low- and middle-income countries. In 2005, 40% of all clinical trials took place in emerging countries,” it said.

Africa and developing regions are hot spots for trials and research offering “faster and cheaper recruitment of clinical trial participants, weak health systems, and treatment-na├»ve, often medically illiterate populations with a wide range of diseases. Also, it is easier to bypass ethical rules and regulations because of lack of legislation and less stringent or weak monitoring,” the study states.

In April, French doctors came under fire for saying Covid-19 vaccine research should be targeted for Africa. “It may be provocative. Should we not do this study in Africa where there are no masks, no treatment or intensive care, a little bit like it’s been done for certain AIDS studies, where among prostitutes, we try things, because we know that they are highly exposed and don’t protect themselves?” said Jean-Paul Mira, head of the intensive care unit at the Cochin Hospital in Paris,” reported Al-Jazeerah.

Min. Farrakhan told Blacks in America and the Motherland not to take any Covid-19 medicines until Black experts vouch for its safety.

We need to call a meeting of Black epidemiologists, virologists, students of biology and chemistry to look at what they give us and we need to give ourselves something better, he said.

The Minister said he was speaking for the interests of Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, and those who desire life.

The Minister also blasted the state of Florida, Cuban emigres and the U.S. for the blockade of Cuba and keeping away treatments that could help with Covid-19.

Pointing to rising infection rates in the Sunshine State, the Minister said he asked God to strike Florida with the disease as she prevented others from possible help. At Final Call press time, Florida’s Department of Health logged 6,336 additional Covid-19 cases, reporting 206,447 cases statewide and 3,778 deaths statewide. The Associated Press reported July 2 that 40 of 50 states reported rising numbers of coronavirus cases.

“Florida are you becoming the epicenter of the coronavirus? I asked God to do that. That I asked Him for,” said Min. Farrakhan. “I just want to show you, this man you see talking has power with God.”

Companies are plotting to give over seven billion people vaccinations, but Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates want to rid the planet of billions of people, he warned. If you try to force vaccines on us, that’s war, he vowed.

The Minister spoke to a relatively small crowd of Nation of Islam laborers, Believers and special guests under a white tent.

Chairs were carefully spaced apart; masks were worn by everyone and social distancing was practiced. His message was webcast via the Nation of Islam website, The Final Call newspaper website, Revolt TV, WVON AM radio in Chicago, WPFW AM in Washington, D.C., Dr. Boyce Watkins’ media company and others. Believers, supporters and friends used Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other digital means to share the webcast or distribute clips. Celebrities like Madonna shared images or information with millions of followers, often using #Farrakhan. The Minister’s address trended for several hours on Twitter and was heard globally.

Prophecy, history and deliverance

Black people fulfill the prophecy of Abraham’s seed being enslaved under a strange people in a strange land, starting in 1555 with a ship named Jesus bringing Blacks out of Africa to the Americas, Minister Farrakhan explained.

When journalists asked Blacks about the unrest, pain and anger following the death of George Floyd, Blacks often mentioned 400 years of suffering under Whites, starting from 1619 when Negroes were introduced into Jamestown, Va. But, Min. Farrakhan said, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught about 64 years of hidden history that went into the making of the Negro.

Wherever Whites are in relationship to people of color, Whites dominate with tyranny and get rid of Blacks who show intelligence, Min. Farrakhan noted.

Today, he declared, Blacks must stand up on truth wherever they are.

He condemned abusive police officers and police unions for protecting killer cops. We are not going to remove bad cops and leave evil police unions in place, he thundered.

George Floyd, who died in the custody of Minneapolis police officers Memorial Day, was a peaceful man, said Minister Farrakhan. He died over a counterfeit $20 bill but the same ones who bring drugs and guns bring in counterfeit bills to entrap Black people, he said.

The days of officers abusing Black people, exploiting Black females and exerting unchecked power are over, the Minister warned. “You (police) should all quit, if your presence there thinks you are going to come in the Black community and do what you’ve been doing, you better quit. The ‘Jump Out Boys’ better stay in the White community. Don’t come where we live and jump out—because you may never get back in. Real talk now!

“We can’t take it no more; we won’t take it anymore!”

Mayors and governors, stop allowing your police to go to Israel for training in killing us, said Min. Farrakhan. “Your days of killing us without consequence are over, you will pay a heavy price,” he said. “Israel, the God of Justice has something for you. You won’t be there long if God gets after you. You’re not kindred to that place.”

The Minister warned young Blacks to stop slaughtering one another, saying 18 Black lives were recently lost in Chicago over a single day. Do you think God will allow you to get away with that? he asked.

Unmasking Satan

Referring to a parable in the Bible of Jesus speaking to Jewish leaders of wicked husbandmen who slay the son of the owner of a vineyard, the Minister explained the relentless efforts of some Jews to destroy him.

The Jewish leaders, answering a question from Jesus, say the owner of the vineyard will utterly slay those who killed his son and failed to be faithful to their trust.

The “so-called” Jews have broken their covenant relationship with God and abandoned his commandments, said Min. Farrakhan. They placed the Talmud, writings of Jewish scholars, over the revealed word of God and know a day of judgement is coming, he said.

“Jewish people don’t think that I hate you, I am solicitous for you,” he said. Jewish leaders, however, don’t want correction, he added. That rejection brings a consequence.

I represent the uncovering of their wickedness, fulfilling the judgement coming down on their civilization, America and the world, Min. Farrakhan said.

They can’t say I am a liar, so they just say I am a bigot, he said.

Atty. Alan Dershowitz, who masterfully defended President Trump during impeachment, and ADL leader Jonathan Goldblatt, are two leading attackers and slanderers of the Minister.

Both are Satanic, said Min. Farrakhan.

Blacks should resist Jewish pressure to reject the truth and him, the Minister continued.

“If you know the truth, stand up on the truth and tell Satan ‘who the hell are you to try and pick my friends? Farrakhan is God’s man and you are from the enemy of God so the hell with you,’ ” he said.

Exposing their evil and violation of the law of Moses has brought out their anger, said the Minister.

The “imposters” pressure others, like Jewish comedienne Chelsea Handler, who was attacked for posting on social media an excerpt from a 1990s appearance by the Minister on the Phil Donohue Show, he said.

She recognized truth and shared it with millions of followers but retracted the Instagram post under pressure, said Min. Farrakhan. The Minister thanked her for posting truth and urged her to continue to learn about the truth he speaks.

Opposition has not just been in words but in death plots through poison and an overabundance of irradiated seeds for a cancer treatment over 20 years, he said. “They burnt up my insides, that’s why half my organs are gone but I’m still here.”

“If the Jews tried to kill me and you know I’m alive what should that tell you about who I am?” he said.

I don’t hate or wish death on Jewish people in public or private, he said. But Black youth have been called a threat by a member of the Israeli parliament because they listen to a man who you don’t control and you want to kill, he said.

An all-out attack on me will bring a swift, divine response and the quick destruction of this country, the Minister said. The two that back me have the power and technology to do just that, he added.

From The Final Call Newspaper

Bullies In Blue: Powerful, unapologetic and angry police unions beating back demands for change


Since high profile police killings of Blacks sparked national unrest in cities across America, there have been loud demands for overhauling policing and radical change in how law enforcement operates.

According to the watchdog group Mapping Police Violence, 1,098 people were slain by police in 2019. Although Blacks only make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, they were 24 percent of those killed, three times more likely than Whites to have a fatal encounter with law enforcement and more likely to be unarmed.

Now comes a backlash against critics and demands for change as powerful, caustic, and unapologetic police unions and their members strike back. Whether harsh words, political pressure, media campaigns or failure to come to work, the boys in blue aren’t going down without a vicious fight.

“For us to expect them to be accommodating … to recognize and understand, that will be almost like a fool’s paradise,” said Hamid Khan, director of Stop LAPD Spying, a grassroots anti-surveillance watchdog group in Los Angeles.

Much of the desired reform goes diametrically opposite the invested interests of police unions, Mr. Khan reasoned.

Critics say police unions have historically declared war over any firings or arrests of cops for wrongdoing or abusive conduct—and police unions have always flouted calls for accountability.

A reform activist and former police officer told The Final Call infractions have gone unpunished and reform have always been blocked because of the inordinate power and influence of police unions along with a justice system culture that doesn’t convict cops.

“The culture of police has to be addressed; the police unions have to be addressed. It is not going to go away by itself,” said Ron Hampton, retired Washington, D.C., police officer and former executive director of the National Black Police Association.

Mr. Hampton said police unions represent a serious obstacle to change. Unions wield too much influence outside of their scope, which is to protect officers and offer them legal assistance, he said.

“The police union shouldn’t be telling the police department what it can do or what it can’t do,” said Mr. Hampton.

Where an officer does wrong, he is entitled to his day in court and representation, but he is not entitled to be automatically pardoned and not held accountable when wrong, he continued.

“The unions have been an obstacle to the issue of accountability (and) transparency,” said Mr. Hampton, who led a group that has been a leading voice for fair policing and ending systemic racism in police departments.

How unions got powerful

Over the years, there has been a fall in union membership among many professions and industries, but police union membership has not declined, and unions are strong economically. Unions spend millions lobbying local and state governments to make sure officers have major protections and battle anything they see as a threat.

Financial contributions, fears of appearing soft on crime or labeled an enemy of cops often make politicians reluctant to speak strongly against police officers—even when they are wrong.

“Their lobbying goes very deep,” added Mr. Khan. “It’s not only related to the money, but it’s also about messaging and how they’re going to literally make or break political players,” he said.

Through collective bargaining, policies were built in police contracts that allowed a blue impunity where cops became untouchable, said activists and reform advocates.

A legal tool often used is “qualified immunity” which shields cops from personal liability and lawsuits for excessive force and other infractions in the line of duty. The law is a tool lawmakers are debating and some want eliminated as part of police reforms. Critics say the law helps maintain a “hands off police” culture cops have enjoyed and shields them from the consequences of their actions, including killing people.

A mid-June statement from a group of House Democrats, who recently passed a bill calling for police reform at the federal level, said, “It is long past time to remove this arbitrary and unlawful barrier and to ensure police are held accountable when they violate the constitutional rights of the people whom they are meant to serve.”

Out-of-control police are also costly: According to 2019 data, legal claims against police in America’s largest cities cost taxpayers over $300 million. Advocates say money defending police officers and payouts for lawsuits against cities for police abuses don’t come out of police budgets. The money comes from already financially strapped local governments, they note.

“Money for litigating these cases; that’s money out of the city’s coffers,” said Jennvine Wong, staff attorney with the Legal Aid Society’s Cop Accountability Project in New York.

Atty. Wong told The Final Call, through the city budget, taxpayers are also paying the tab of costly settlements in police misconduct cases.

It’s a domino effect where some cities have to borrow money to pay for civil judgments incurred from police wrongdoing on city time.

In addition to litigation and settlements costs, Atty. Wong said many officers are still able to collect six-figure salaries while under suspension or on modified duty—in some cases for years.

“That’s a lot of money … we are throwing at the police and essentially its going into the black hole of misconduct,” Atty. Wong added.

Analysis from the Urban Institute said between 1977 and 2017 the cost of U.S. policing ballooned from $42.3 billion to $114.5 billion per year.

The money spent, brutal and deadly actions for cops and no consequences have helped feed calls to defund police, or take money away from police departments and use it for things like mental health first responders and other approaches that would lessen encounters with cops.

Public perceptions of cops

Polls show a weariness with police behavior and dramatic shifts of opinion about policing and race. An Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll found more Americans compared to five years ago believe police brutality is a serious problem that too often goes undisciplined and unequally targets Blacks.

The poll said more than two-thirds of the public agree the criminal justice system needs either major changes or a complete overhaul. Blacks are more likely than Whites to advocate a complete transformation. The poll said overall, 48 percent of Americans say police violence against the public is a serious problem, up from 32 percent in 2015.

That year, only 19 percent of Whites said police violence against civilians was an extreme or serious problem; now 39 percent say the same.

The survey was conducted after weeks of mass anti-police violence protests and calls by politicians and activists to “defund” police departments.

The National Black Police Association said systemic racism within police departments and the devaluing of Black life is the crux of the problem.

“The DNA of law enforcement is to send a message of fear to Black residents that creates a kind of psychological distress,” said Damon K. Jones of the National Black Police Association.

Mr. Jones said Black police professionals spent years demanding legislation and policies for police oversight.

“We recognize the pain of our communities; we are four degrees of separation,” he said in an open statement to elected officials. “We know the victim, we know someone who knows the victim; the victim is a family member, and in many cases even as Black law enforcement, we are the victim.”

What unions are protecting

According to the watchdog group Mapping Police Violence, 1,098 people were slain by police in 2019. Although Blacks only make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, they were 24 percent of those killed, three times more likely than Whites to have a fatal encounter with law enforcement and more likely to be unarmed. Mapping Police Violence also pointed out that 99 percent of killings by police from 2013-2019 have not resulted in officers being charged with a crime.

The low prosecution rate has a lot to do with the influence of police unions and laws that favor police—it is also driving calls for change.

The videotaped death of George Floyd, 46, a Black man who lost his life May 25 in the custody of Minneapolis cops, sparked global outrage. Weeks later an Atlanta officer fatally shot 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks in the back as he ran away in a Wendy’s parking lot. Cops involved in both cases were charged.

In Oregon, an officer lost his job and then returned to work after fatally shooting an unarmed Black man in the back. A Florida sergeant was let go six times for using excessive force and stealing from suspects, while a Texas lieutenant was terminated five times after being accused of striking two women, making threatening calls and committing other infractions, according to the Associated Press.

These officers were fired but rehired after an arbitrator reversed the decision.

This illustrates how police unions stand in the way of accountability, said experts.

“Arbitration inherently undermines police decisions,” said Michael Gennaco, a police reform expert and former federal civil rights prosecutor who specialized in police misconduct cases. “It’s dismaying to see arbitrators regularly putting people back to work,” he told the Associated Press.

“Change must come now,” declared California Democrat Maxine Waters in a June 21 statement after Andres Guardado, 18, was shot by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy.

For weeks, the American people and the world have marched to demand accountability, and an end to aggressive and violent police tactics, said the outspoken Black lawmaker.

“We will not stand for it, whether it is in Atlanta, or like this case, in South Los Angeles,” vowed Rep. Waters.

Union heads and law enforcement defenders blame politicians and government for the social conditions that produce problems. Politicians and city officials talk about reform but have sided with “protesters,” “anarchists,” and “law breakers,” they complain, including President Donald Trump.

Some things have changed recently with cops fired, arrested, and charged with misconduct, such as using an outlawed chokehold in New York and abusing anti-police brutality protestors.

Neither union leaders, nor many cops are happy about the scrutiny.

In Wilmington, N.C., three White cops were fired after being heard over squad car video discussing “slaughtering n****rs” and calling for a new Civil War. Each blamed stress from an “anti-cop” climate as a reason for their “venting.” (See story page 3.)

In Atlanta, many cops refused to come to work and after two officers were charged in the Brooks killing, they called in sick. Philadelphia cops threatened to get the “blue flu” over suspensions of two of their own for abusing demonstrators.

In New York, text messages circulated about an impending NYPD refusal to work on July 4 “to let the city have their independence without cops,” reported the New York Post.

“Over the past few weeks, we have been attacked in the streets, demonized in the media and denigrated by practically every politician in this city,” railed Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, in the article.

Mr. Lynch complained cops were unappreciated and abandoned.

“Now we are facing the possibility of being arrested any time we go out to do our job,” Mr. Lynch said.

Heavy violence in Chicago made national headlines but calls for “blue flu” over the July 4 weekend did not. The local CBS News affiliate reported June 22 “a new push by members of the police union to get officers on the street to stand down—and even stay home.” According to CBS 2, the move started with a text message about the need to send Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the City Council a message. “ ‘The FOP Lodge 7 cannot advocate for it because of the contract,’ the text message reads. But, it adds, ‘individual officers can,’ ” CBS 2 reported. The Fraternal Order of Police president didn’t authorize the move but didn’t necessarily oppose it, CBS 2 added.

“When something stupid like that happens to basically tell officers to abandon their post, that is the height of dereliction of duty,” said Mayor Lightfoot.

But despite the union threats some cities and states, feeling the pressure of protests have changed some policies.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order making N.Y. police disciplinary records public after decades of secrecy.

“We’re not going to be as a state government subsidizing improper police tactics. We’re not doing it,” Gov. Cuomo said. “And this is how we’re going to do it.”

The order also requires the roughly 500 police departments across the Empire State to develop a plan by April 1, 2021 to address systemic racism in their ranks. If a department refuses to comply Gov. Cuomo threatens to strip it of state funding.

“This is a historic win for New York and a long overdue change to the most restrictive police secrecy law in the country,” said Donna Lieberman of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The change was the result of years of work led by families whose loved ones were killed by police and who were routinely rebuffed while trying to find out what the department was doing about holding officers accountable.

Problematic police culture

A blue wall of silence permeates departments where cops look the other way from bad behavior permitting wrongdoing to go unchecked.

This permitted ex-cop Derek Chauvin, who kneeled on the neck of George Floyd for almost nine minutes, to keep working despite an extensive record of complaints spanning 19 years as a cop.

Former College Park, Ga., police chief Ron Fears said that culture dominates and influences cops who “stand by silently,” “do nothing” or even participate in wrongdoing.

“They’re not going to change things until the leadership from the very top says we’re not going to stand for that,” Mr. Fears said. Law enforcement is not there yet, he said.

Asked about Black officers challenging the culture, Mr. Fears wasn’t optimistic. “I think the culture is one where Black officers don’t step out and stand up because if you do, there is a price to pay,” he said.

(Final Call staff contributed to this report.)

From The Final Call Newspaper

Extremists killed Black cop, used anti-brutality protests as a cover, charge federal prosecutors


The death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police officers sparked weeks of unrest across America. There were protests, riots and looting from coast-to-coast, and civil disobedience.

David Patrick Underwood. Photo: MGN Online

The last time America saw nationwide civil unrest of this magnitude was when word got out that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had been murdered in Memphis.

But, the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent outrage was also an opportunity for far-right believers and groups to strike at the United States government.

Federal prosecutors have charged an active duty military member with killing a Black federal officer at the height of protests, injuring another federal officer and later killing a sheriff’s deputy.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Steven Carrillo, 32, shot and killed 53-year-old David Patrick Underwood, a Federal Protective Service Officer who was working outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building, said federal authorities. The officer and his partner, who survived the shooting, were working the same night as anti-brutality demonstrators took to Oakland streets.

Initial speculation was the May 29 killing was tied to the protests.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Steven Carrillo, 32, shot and killed 53-year-old David Patrick Underwood. Photo: AP/Wide World Photos

Prosecutors say Mr. Carrillo, and his partner, Robert Allen Justus Jr., who served as his getaway driver, committed the deadly acts.

Prosecutors allege both men have ties to the “Boogaloo Boys,” an extremist movement, and used the protests as a cover to strike at the United States government as part of efforts to ignite civil war. They were charged June 16.

The federal government said early on that left wing groups, like Antifa, and right wing groups were looking to wreak havoc during protests. While few proven Antifa connections have surfaced, right wing groups have been discovered in the ranks of demonstrators.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has had a tremendous infusion of a generation of young White folks who have not succumbed to the lie of White supremacy. The lies wear even thinner as the economy tanks,” said Omowale Clay of the New York-based December 12th Movement.

But, he added, “the fact that police know that there is an infiltration of anarchist and terrorists is much more concerning. It makes one think of the covert operations of the CIA and the National Security Agency. History has shown that in our movements, these people appear and we don’t know where they come from.”

Dr. Issa Muhammad, a history professor at Central Florida University told The Final Call, “The Boogaloo Group is an offshoot of the far right militia groups of the 1980s and 1990s. Many of these groups felt and believed that the United States government had become a barrier to the development of ‘Native,’ that is White Americans as a legitimate dominant entity in the nation.”

“The Boogaloo Group—a fringe group of anti-Black and anti-government individuals are interested in creating a civil war within the United States. Boogaloo, because of the dance movie—‘Breaking’ and the main character Boogaloo—they adopted the name. They like Charles Manson of years earlier use a vomit mixture of ideologies and motives to weasel their way into hip hop culture to spread corruption and division for their ultimate gain. Manson called it Helter Skelter.”

Charges filed in Oakland

Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers said, “Indiscriminate targeting of law enforcement officers by those motivated by violent extremism of any stripe is contrary to our nation’s values and undermines the powerful message of peaceful protestors.”

FBI San Francisco Special Agent in Charge John F. Bennett said, “While we cannot bring Officer Pat Underwood and Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller back, we can hold those responsible for taking them from us accountable.”

Sgt. Gutzwiller was a local deputy who was killed June 6 as federal agents moved in on Mr. Carrillo, who was eventually shot and taken into custody, said prosecutors.

The killing of Off. Underwood set off an eight-day manhunt that came to a crescendo after a witness reported an abandoned white Ford van in Ben Lomond, Calif, said authorities.

“The van reportedly contained what appeared to be ammunition, firearms, and bomb-making equipment and an effort apparently was made to alter the van’s appearance with spray paint and a wheel covering to disguise a missing hubcap. Nevertheless, evidence from the van, led deputies from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office to Carrillo’s residence in Ben Lomond. There, Carrillo allegedly opened fire on the deputies when they arrived at his property, killing one deputy and injuring a second. During the attack there was also an explosion on the property.”

Federal authorities said Mr. Carrillo was shot, fled initially on foot, and then carjacked a vehicle. “The chase came to an end when, still bleeding from his hip, Carrillo was taken into custody,” they said.

Recovered from Mr. Carrillo’s Ben Lomond residence were an AR-15-style short-barreled rifle fitted with a binary trigger that fired one round of 9mm ammunition at the pull of the trigger and another round at the release of the trigger, said authorities.

Observers say opportunists have used the pain and suffering of Blacks to push their own agendas. Many fear any political or economic windfalls will bypass Black businesses and communities heavily damaged during the George Floyd protests. Photo: MGN Online

“The rifle was fitted with a silencer that suppressed the sound of gunfire from the rifle. In addition, Carrillo appears to have used his own blood to write various phrases on the hood of the car that he carjacked. The phrases relate to an extremist ideology that promotes inciting a violent uprising through use of militias,” said federal authorities.

Cell phone records tie him to Mr. Justus, who he communicated with in days leading up to the drive-by shooting in Oakland, they said.

Mr. Justus later surrendered to the FBI in San Francisco, authorities added.

The case is being prosecuted by United States Attorney for the Northern District of California David Anderson and the Oakland Branch of the Office of the United States Attorney with assistance from the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section.

George Floyd was killed on May 25, which was Memorial Day. The following day, protests began in Minneapolis, and 48 hours later, much of the country was expressing their outrage over video showing the eight minutes and 46 seconds that former officer Derek Chauvin spent with his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck.

Mr. Carrillo is not alone in being accused of committing violent acts against law enforcement.

In South Carolina, 22-year-old Kevin Ackley was arrested and subsequently fired from his job as an EMS worker, when police said he’d thrown a bottle of water at police during protests in his area. When he was taken into custody, police allegedly found articles of clothing and other paraphernalia associated with the Boogaloo Boys movement in his home.

In Columbia, S.C., 24-year-old Joshua Bernard was arrested, and like Mr. Ackley, was charged with inciting a riot and aggravated breach of peace.

In Texas, 37-year-old Aaron Swenson was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat against a peace officer when he went on Facebook Live and said that he planned on ambushing and murdering a police officer, and was in his truck, “hunting for red and blue lights.”

In Las Vegas, three men, all with U.S. military experience, and with alleged ties to the Boogaloo Boys, were arrested. They are accused of planning to use Molotov cocktails to firebomb businesses during protests in the area.

Andrew T. Lynam Jr., 23, Stephen T. Parshall, 35, and William L. Loomis, 40, all face federal charges of conspiracy to damage and destroy by fire and explosive, and possession of unregistered firearms. Mr. Lynam is in the Army Reserves, Mr. Pashall had enlisted in the Navy, and Mr. Loomis was in the Air Force.

“White supremacists feel the government is taking away their freedoms. This is why many of these groups now advocate for state’s rights,” Tariq Nasheed, noted filmmaker, author and social justice advocate, told The Final Call.

“The Boogaloo Boys is just another incarnation of the alt-right. It’s like a younger version of the Ku Klux Klan. And what they do is include a lot of these Latinos who identify as White, and Asians who also align themselves with Whites. They communicate on websites like 4chan, and they’re planning on trying to start a second civil war.”

“They walk around with Hawaiian print shirts to identify each other,” explained Mr. Nasheed. “They’ve been organizing ambush hits on police. Some in law enforcement have been shot at by them, and there have been some who have even been killed.”

“So, when you hear them talk about being anti-government, they mean they want the government to not interfere with anything they want to do; including doing harm to Black people. They want to be able to do with us, whatever they want to do,” he said.

New day, same game?

Anarchists using the pain and suffering of Black people aren’t new. They were on the ground in Ferguson, Mo., when people took to the streets outraged over the killing of Mike Brown, Jr., by a White police officer in 2014.

“The fact that these people had been in the service, and were planning to kill their own military and law enforcement comrades shows you what kind of mindset they have,” said Anthony Shahid, a longtime community activist based in St. Louis. Ferguson is a nearby suburb and Mr. Shahid is an advisor to Mike Brown, Sr., whose son was killed. Mr. Shahid also led protests and demands for justice in the case.

“They’ve come to the realization that this government is no good, going all the way back to the way they slaughtered the Native Americans, to how they treated Black folks during slavery, and they know that America’s foreign policies aren’t right,” Mr. Shahid said. “But the only problem he has is they use us, Black folks, as a shield. They throw rocks, and then they hide their hands. And the next thing you know, some brothers—or sisters—are getting the hell beat out of them by the police. Or, they’re getting pepper sprayed or shot with rubber bullets, you name it. And all of that comes because of White people who come out there already mad, and trick us into thinking they’re supporting our movement, when really all they’re doing is making it harder for us.”

Elaine Brown, former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, who now serves as a prison activist, feels Whites who hide behind Black movements to start their so-called wars are cowards. They’re not actually willing to pay the price that comes with being out front and center and expressing their revolutionary ideas and tactics, said the Bay Area activist.

“The White people who are against the government haven’t had to pay a price yet,” Ms. Brown told The Final Call. “They’re having fun tearing down symbols, but they aren’t tearing down the government. They’re still trying to figure out who they should vote for. They’re not really trying to tear down America; they love America. They wear a flag every day. They’re not going to take a true anti-government position that we (the Black Panther Party) took.”

Mainstream media has focused little attention on the Boogaloo Boys and the charges against Steven Carrillo.

Mr. Nasheed believes that’s by design. “The media is going out of its way to not show all of these White people ambushing Black people, or causing police to become violent with Black people, because they know if we keep seeing it, we’re going to start retaliating. That’s why they’re trying to downplay this story, and others,” he argued.

Despite any outside agitators, infiltrators or extremist groups, demonstrations calling for justice for Black men and women brutalized, and oftentimes murdered by police, must not stop, said Ms. Brown.

“If you quote me on anything, quote me on the fact that we have to keep soldiering on,” she said, adding, “Whatever the setbacks are, we have to fight on. You have to know who the enemy is.”

Steven Carrillo is currently facing 19 charges, some of which include murder, six charges of attempted murder, assault on a firefighter, and two counts of attempted carjacking.

His attorney, Jeffrey Stotter told the media Mr. Carrillo suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009 and has been scarred over his wife committing suicide. If convicted on the federal counts alone, Mr. Carrillo could be put to death. And he faces a maximum of up to 20 years in prison on the attempted murder charge. His alleged accomplice faces similar charges and penalties.

(Final Call staff and Nisa Islam Muhammad contributed to this report.)